We exist to reach people where they are and to connect them to everything God has for their life in Jesus.


About Us

We desire to be a people who are full of the awe of God that leads to action. We believe we have been called to step out and share the hope that is in us with a dying world. Often times we can find ourselves ‘waiting on the Lord’ when He has already so boldly commanded us go, or expending energy doubting that we are ready or even capable of stepping out into the discomforts of our walk that appear impossible but only restrain all that He intends to do through us if we would only step out and obey.

We are a people bound by faith. Our faith is not aimless, it’s not shooting in the dark, nor is it wildly pursuing something or someone without direction wishing for the best result.

Our faith is the act of complete trust in a perfect Savior, lived out in response to His complete love for this broken world. We desire to step faithfully in the footsteps of Christ Jesus. We desire to reach out to anyone and everyone, declaring His truth unashamedly, exhibiting His love regularly and abiding in Him obediently.


We are a people

We are a people whose desire is to do all things with excellency as one body, with one accord, for the glory of One Perfect Person found in Christ Jesus.

We are steered by truth and a pulse rooted in love that has joyfully bonded us in unity toward good works, led by His Spirit to work together, to pray together, to seek together, to worship together and to step together as faithful people of God as we cling to the living hope we have within us with the purpose of sharing it with Monrovia and beyond.

WHO LIVE SACRIFICIALLY: who are willing to give it all, because Jesus gave it all. We are marked as risk takers and dream chasers as we follow Jesus. (Romans 12:1)

WHO WORSHIP JESUS PASSIONATELY: we are known as those who live with lifted eyes, lifted hands and lifted hearts to Jesus. (Romans 12:1)

WHO SERVE WITH HUMILITY: who are One body and serve One God for the glory of One Savior, Jesus. We believe this Church is not built on the talents of a few but the gifts of many. (Romans 12:3-7)

WHO LOVE OTHERS FIERCELY: people might walk in as a stranger but they leave as family. (Romans 12:9)

WHO FORGIVE OTHERS GENEROUSLY: we are not known for fighting against one another but for one another. (Romans 12:10)

WHO REACH OUT DILIGENTLY: we are known for getting our hands dirty so hearts can be changed. (Romans 12:11)

WHO PARTY REGULARLY: we are known as life giving, celebrating people. We were once lost, now we are found. We were dead and now we are alive. All our hopeless ends have turned into an endless hope because Jesus is alive. (Romans 12:12)

WHO ENDURE PATIENTLY: we are known for strong hearts and strong backs. We do not give up in the face of adversity. (Romans 12:12)

WHO PRAY STEADFASTLY: we are known for praying audacious prayers and expecting the impossible. (Romans 12:12)

WHO DEMONSTRATE HOSPITALITY: we are known not just for where we are but who we are. We are seeking to give every heart a home. (Romans 12:12)

WHO PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY: we are known not for being above people but we come alongside people, helping them as they journey home. (Romans 12:14-16)

WHO TRUST IMMENSELY: we are known as people who do what seems unreasonable, bear what seems unbearable and expect what seems impossible. (Romans 12:17-21)