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Freedom: the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved

Woman, you were not made to hold on to your past,

your mistakes,

the names you were called,

the words hurled at you.

Woman, you were not chosen to walk in fear,

in pain,

in depression,

nor in anxiety.

Woman, you were born free.

Woman, you were made to walk in the path set before you by the One who created your inner most thoughts.

Woman, you were made to walk in freedom from your past and straight to the arms of your Father.

Join us at the Altadena Country Club on March 23rd, 2019 for a time of fellowship as we gather to learn what it means to truly embrace freedom found in God.

Doors will open at 8AM with continental breakfast served.

Break for lunch (provided) at 11:30 AM.

Earlier Event: September 16
Team Night